The Charlotte County Democratic Club (CCDC) is a chartered club under the umbrella of the Democratic Party of Charlotte County, Democratic Executive Committee (DEC).

Our purpose is to support the DEC and to strengthen and further the ideals and principles of the Democratic Party in the national, state and local campaigns, and to foster good fellowship among Democrats.

We assist the DEC in outreach and implementing the Democratic Party’s action plans.

Officers and Members of the Board of Directors

First row from L to R: Bev Washburn, Vice President John Washburn, President Nancy Razvoza, Janet Farrell
2nd row from L to R: Secretary Roxie Moore, Ginny Diehm, Ginger Von Holden, Rae Denison, Laurie Uprop, Maura McMahon
Back row: Treasurer Hubert Daniely Missing: Cheryl Connor


President: Nancy Razvoza
Vice President: John Washburn
Secretary:  Roxanne Moore
   Hubert Daniely, Jr.
Membership: Rae Denison
Ways and Means:  Janet Farrell
Communications Committee Liaison: Rae Denison

Board of Directors:

Cheryl Conner
Ginny Diehm
Janet Farrell
Ginger Von Holden
Maura McMahon
Beverly Washburn

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